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Since 2009 operates as one of the largest online retailers in hair systems and hair pieces in the Benelux and distinguishes itself by focusing primarily on delivering high quality products and good service. We also offer unprecedented opportunities and options for our hair systems that includes: lace wigs, top closures, weaves and hair extensions. And this in many shapes and sizes.

Many people use hair extensions, weaves or other sorts of hair systems and different hair extension techniques for a nice hairstyle and to realize a full bush of hair. The disadvantage of these methods is that it only can be worn one way and it is clearly visible that the hair system is fake, while for some people it is so important to their self confidence and esteem that their hair system seem natural, that not everyone sees that they carry a hair system.

We have therefore specialized ourself in hair systems, called lace wigs designed for women and /or man to achieve the perfect hair. The hair systems are designed to give the impression that the hair grows directly from the scalp. We do not focus only on people who suffer from various hair problems and hair loss, for example by chemotherapy, but also to those who want beautiful hair. The Lace wig offers a solution here! Lace wigs are mostly known in America because celebrities wear them. Wearing lace wigs gives the most beautiful and natural change in a spectacular effect! It can be used as an fashion item: a different look regularly, whether for special occasions or just to make every day special and look good. Lace wigs are for everyone! For women, men and children of all ages. Even if you have long and healthy hair yourself, you can use a lace wig. The options for our lace wigs are very extensive. We supply many kinds of hair types, colors and textures. You can always choose a lace wig that matches your needs, regardless your origin! A hair system is not just for people with hair problems like hair loss, but can also be used cosmetically.


Team was born from a passion for hair and fashion. The company was founded by a couple with the objective to provide the best possible service. This means we include: rapid and professional response to questions, personal contact and not at all unimportant, delivering top quality products. With a wealth of knowledge we are able to play an advisory role. The team consists young and dynamic people who are driven to achieve a strong position with, nationally and internationally, where you as customer stands central. Because there internationally, particularly in Europe is much interest in our products, one of the pillars is to focus on other European markets. Feel free to contact us for a professional advice in the areas of hair.