Nathalie is a Congolese singer who became famous through her participation in Idols. She managed to make it to the finals where she lost against Nikki Kerkhof and thus still finished second. Before she became famous through Idols in the Netherlands, she already enjoyed some notoriety in some French-speaking African countries, as the singer of the gospel group Makoma but also from her solo career. In 2002 she won an African Music Award.

Nathalie decided to get married this year and RTL 5 was allowed to follow her. 'Congolese Wedding In The Countryside' is a reality series on RTL5. In this reality series singer Nathalie Makoma and her fiancé JC are being followed. Especially the lead up to their special wedding. Nathalie was born in Congo and lives with her fiancé Jean-Claude ‘JC’ and their son Giovanni alternately in the Netherlands and Belgium. Nathalie and JC want to celebrate their wedding according to African tradition. Therefore, they are in search of a location to be able to transform up a piece of Congo. In the meanwhile JC is also very busy. To marry Nathalie, he must give the family a large brides price. On top of that, he must also pay a fine because he was not married while having a child with Nathalie.

In episode 5 (last week) Nathalie and her stylist visited our shop in Amsterdam to pick out a wig for her wedding.

We have fragments of the parts in which we are featured. We cut and placed them on our Facebook page. This are the direct links: fragment 1 & fragment 2. Enjoy watching!