We may count TV presenter Nicolette Kluijver to one of our regular clients after her several visits to us. We earlier wrote about her first visit. Here you can read about her first visit.

Nicolette is very satisfied. During her first visit she instantly told us that. Her satisfaction went so far that she directly thought that we deserved a place in the acknowledgements of the new series of 'spuiten en slikken'. We really did not know what to think about this. Nicolette regularly appears on television and the most beautiful thing for us as an company is if a famous person is seen with your work.

A week before the first episode of the new series Nicolette called us to make a new appointment. She informed us right away that we had to keep an eye on the television the upcoming sunday. It was an honor to see Nicolette on the television with a hairdo which we took care of, but when we saw our name in the acknowledgements between big names like Nike, Samsoe & Samsoe and Gstar Raw it gave us goosebumps. By the way, our name will weekly appear in the acknowledgements during the series. Thank you Nicolette!!! Kisses!!