Who doesn't want longer, thicker and fuller hair? Hairfinity pills are very popular and developed in order to stimulate hair growth. The pills contain different vitamins, minerals and nutrients that contribute to better and healthier hair growth. Most other hair care products work only on the hair surface while Hairfinity works from the inside out because healthy hair growth begins from within.

The hair growth pills of Hairfinity are a real hype and already have been available for years in America. The pills are even promoted by stars including the Kardashian sisters. Sounds all good, right?! Therefore Hairfinity has attracted the interest of many people. The downside is that Hairfinity is very difficult to obtain. In recent years there has been a slight change since Hairfinity also opened a Dutch webshop where the pills can be ordered. The disadvantage of this webshop is that they only offer international payment methods including credit card and PayPal and many people do not use this.

Hairfinity manages to keep the exclusivity of their product. In terms of physical retail locations in Europe there is only one retailer which is located in the UK. In America they apply the policy of exclusivity as well because Hairfinity is only available at selected stores which Hairfinity has chosen. So to obtain Hairfinity you always had to rely on the online store. The exclusivity broke a 'black market' open where the pills were eagerly traded at prices sometimes double the retail price. This did not remain unnoticed at Hairfinity which made them imposed severe restrictions buying Hairfinity through their website. This translated to a maximum number of bottles that may be purchased per person. Thus, for example, you could only purchase 12 bottles per year with a maximum of 4 times per purchase. Each purchase via credit card and PayPal accounts were recorded so that the imposed limits could be exceeded with no possibility.

It is clear that Hairfinity cannot be purchased easily anywhere in the world. And you can not just sign up as an retailer because the demands are high. Hairfinity is carefully selecting retailers, because they have a reputation that they must uphold. We have GREAT news! We actually have been chosen by Hairfinity as an official retailer. Hairfinity has seen in our company that we also stand for exclusivity, which Hairfinity is always looking for in a retailer. From now on Hairfinity is available in the stores of Fresh Hair in both Amsterdam and Rotterdam. In our webshop the pills are NOT available. This exclusive right is limited to Hairfinity. Nevertheless, we can also send the pills by mail, but then orders should be placed by email.