In 2011 Rochelle Perts became the winner of the Dutch X Factor with an overwhelming majority of the votes.

After she registered for the auditions of X Factor the jury was immediately impressed by her. In the live shows Rochelle grabbed the audience every time with her ​​perfect performances. Even Simon Cowell, creator of X Factor, was very enthusiastic about Rochelle. He saw the most international potential in her.

For a performance Rochelle wanted a new and fresh look. She earlier brought us a visit when our shop was opened just a few weeks. Apparently she was happy because we were pleasantly surprised when she called us back for a new appointment. We love her new look and it certainly is 'Fresh'.

After her second visit, we really can call her a customer. The words "until next time", during her departure secretly felt very good. We wish you success in your performance Rochelle and until next time then huh?!