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Health insurance/compensation (only applicable for people who live in the Netherlands).

Do you need a hair system for medical reasons then you are are eligible for various compensations. In almost all cases you can receive a referral from the doctor or dermatologist/specialist. With this referral you can claim a compensation from your insurer. You will always be entitled to the basic compensation!

The base compensation for 2016 is set at € 418.50.

If you use an additional insurance, you have the right to an additional fee, apart from the basic compensation. The amount of this additional compensation is different for each insurer. If you want to know more about the additional fee, you are advised to inform this at your insurer. The compensation for a hair system is yearly, so that you can purchase a new hair system yearly.

The tax authority also has an arrangement which may be interesting for you. Medical expenses are up to 1.65% of your total income not eligible for a refund. Are your expenses above it, then you are eligible for a refund. In most cases you can get back a large part from the tax authority. There are also cases where the municipality is willing to pay (a part). Inquire about this at the municipality where you live.

SEMH recognized healthcare provider

Fresh Hair is a supplier which has been recognized by the SEMH as a health care provider. We have contracts with all health care insurers. The SEMH is an independent foundation that recognizes suppliers of medical equipment that deliver high-quality work. This means that we work through professional training and years of experience and know exactly how to act. Therefore as a recognized supplier we can offer you equipment that well matches your demands and we continue to ensure that the equipment fits your needs. SEMH yearly examines whether the company meets all requirements that belong to the granting of the certificate recognized supplier of medical equipments.

Requests from your compensation are sent directly by us to your health insurer. You do not need to arrange it yourself.