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We have thousands of full lace wigs in stock. You must understand that it is impossible to keep them all on this page/our website. The lace wigs on this page are just a small touch of our total offer. Therefore, we offer you an option to check our inventory list so that you can see if the desired lace wig is in stock. If the lace wig of your choice is in stock, please contact us to pass your order. You can also place your order at the appropriate custom category (for your convenience please click here). When placing the order, please mention the stock number in the comments (this is the number for each product from the stock list).

It usually takes about 1 week before you receive the lace wigs from this category. Lace wigs from stock can be delivered in any desired hair density and texture. Keep in mind that if adjustments have to be made such as filling the hair density and making the texture, this will take about 2 days extra.

Daily lace wigs are ordered from our stock and new ones are added daily as well. Due to the changing offer, a lace wig from stock may no longer be in our range. To minimize this, our stock list will be updated every week. If the desired lace wig is no longer in stock then we will of course inform you when ordering and offer an alternative. The products from this category are delivered from our warehouse. Picking up the products in this category is NOT possible.

There are no products matching the selection.