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Tips & Tricks

In this section you'll find tips & tricks about hair systems and related products. Also visit our blog for more updates about hair etc.


Use requirements hair systems

It is very important to take good care of the hair. The hair doesn't receive natural oils from our scalp that normally would feed the hair. To ensure the maximum life of your hair system it is advisable to follow the following rules:


  • - Products: It is important to purchase all necessary products for the hair care and maintenance of your hair system. We recommend that you only use the recommended products that can be found in our webshop. When you first begin using glue or tape you should lubricate a bit on your skin to make sure no allergic reaction occurs.


  • - We advise you to remove your hair system before going to bed and attach it again the next morning. Doing this will extends the life of your hair system.


  • - Clean your hair system with a mild shampoo. 


  • - Do not use type of conditioners that contain lanolin-, polymers- and heavy oils.


  • - Be assured that the conditioner does not get on the base of the hair system, cause this process can mitigate the knots, wich can ensure the hair will fall out.


  • - Never brush and comb wet hair and use a wide comb.


  • - Never brush and comb wet hair. This causes tangles and knots.


  • - strongly recommends not to braid curly hair. This can cause tangles.


  • - Avoid scratching your hair system. By scratching the knots loose earlier, wich can cause hair loss. Wash your hair regularly so it will not itch.


  • - If you have a hair system with longer hair, try to comb it every night. If you have curly hair, take it apart with your hands. Straight hair you can comb and brush.


  • - Use 'conditioner spray on leave in` to soften the hair. Do not use too much as this may cause tangles.


  • - Not using conditioners at all causes dry hair and tangles.


  • - Hair systems should be carefully used. Careless use leads (almost) always involve loss of quality.