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V.I.P. member

We from love to keep our customers satisfied. For this reason we created the V.I.P. membership. V.I.P. members enjoy the benefits, and of all our beautiful offers before everyone. Members enjoy more and longer of the best deals, great discounts and the best sales. As a V.I.P. member you are also eligible for private sales. As a member you have access to these sales to prevent that you want to purchase a product wich is already sold out. Furthermore you receive our newsletter standard as a member. You also have the privilege to the 'free to order' items that are displayed on the homepage.

We also have developed a special savings system for our V.I.P. members wich you can earn credits, making it possible buying our products with even more discount.

How does our savings system works?

With every purchase at you receive credits. The credits are automatically added after each purchase. Credits for purchases from € 1200 will be manually entered afterwards.

- You receive 1 credit by spending € 12,10 at
- A full card contains 40 credits; so you have earned a full card when spending € 484.
- A full card is good for up to € 25 discount on a future spending.

There are several easy ways to earn credits. Below is a list of how many credits you can earn and what you have to do.

Saving credits

- When you register as V.I.P. member you receive 1 credit from us for FREE. You will also receive 5% discount on your first order. After registration use discount code : VIP5.
- When you post a review about your purchase you will receive 5 credits for each (different) product that you give your review. Example: If you purchased 3 (different) products and posts reviews of all the 3 (different) products, you will earn 15 credits.
- When you allow us to add your picture to the customer gallery you will receive 10 credits. You can also choose for a voucher with which you will receive € 30 discount when purchasing your next hair system.
- When you introduce a friend to become V.I.P. member and they purchase for the first time at through the email wich you've sended them a message, you will receive 15 credits. The friend receives 5 credits for his/her first purchase.
- If you are an active member of We also give away credits to members that we think they make a good contribution. For example, you can earn credits:
  • *by participate on our forum
  • *by providing us valuable feedback on our service and where we can further improve
  • *by providing us valuable feedback on our products and the performance of it over longer time
  • *by telling us your special requests or suggestions
  • *by writing articles for our blog or newsletter
  • *and much more


Good to know

- The credits are valid indefinitely.
- There is no maximum of credits you can earn per order. So you can earn an unlimited amount of credits on each order.
- You can specify yourself when you use the full card.
- You can consult your account to checkout the number of credits collected.
- When you allow us to add your picture to the customer gallery you will receive 10 credits. If you also post a review about your purchase you will receive 5 credits per review for each (different) product on top. As you can see the credits quickly rise if multiple products are purchased, and if you all give them a review. In this way you can easily earn at least 15 credits.


- The V.I.P. membership is only valid for purchases made online through our website. The membership can not be used for purchases in our store.
- The credits are not given on shipping, and/or delivery costs and administrative expenses. So they are only valid on the purchase of products.
- Credits are not transferable, so they are only valid to the individual account.
- The credits can not be redeemed for cash.
- Per order u can use the maximum of 2 full cards(good for up to € 50 discount)
- Full cards are not valid in conjunction with other discounts or discount codes.